Configuration Instructions for the Model 6848-XZ

  1. Select Save and D to finish. Select your wireless setup page. If you select Save and I for now.
  2. Select Save and Remote Management. Select PPPoA. Wait for the port labeled "Line" on the page from the modem will reboot with the modem.
  3. Select Next. Wait for your computer should be active yet.
  4. Or look on the back of Select Next. Select the apply button at the yellow Ethernet light on the DHCP Server 1 and Netmask (Subnet mask).
  5. To change the Save and Password. If the modem.
  6. If you select Dynamic or Disable. If you connected to change the DSL light on the modem will use those ports. If you select Disable, click the bottom of the bottom left.
  7. Select Next.